Mercedes-Benz partners with ProLogium for solid-state battery development

Mercedes Vision EQS concept
Credit: Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz and ProLogium have signed a cooperation agreement to develop next-generation solid-state battery cells for EVs.

The agreement sets out a roadmap to integrate solid-state cells into a range of passenger vehicles in the second half of the 2020s.

ProLogium focuses on developing the next-general of batteries. They are currently working on a solid-state battery with a silicon anode, lithium metal anode and bipolar technology.

As part of the double-digit million Euro investment, Mercedes-Benz will take a seat on ProLogium’s Board of Directors.

However, for Mercedes, the move allows the company to cut down on battery size and weight in the future. The company hopes to break new ground in the automotive sector and be one of the first automakers to transition from the current Lithium-ion batteries to solid-state batteries in the coming years.

The investment by Mercedes has two uses for ProLogium.

First and foremost, ProLogium will use the funds to support solid-state battery technology development.

Secondly, it will assist ProLogium’s plan to establish production capacity in Europe.

Neither ProLogium nor Mercedes gave any hard dates or deadlines for their roadmap. However, Mercedes noted in their press release that they plan to have a Mercedes test car with a solid-state battery within the next few years.

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