You can now become a Starlink beta tester without an invitation

If you’ve been patiently waiting for your SpaceX Starlink beta tester invitation to land in your inbox, you might want to head to the website and try again.

In a recent update to the Starlink website, the company will now instantly approve your application if you live in an eligible service area. The change was first spotted by Reddit user u/Broalin, who noticed it when attempting to sign up his parents, who live in Manitoba, for the satellite internet service.

After inputting an email address and their physical address, the location was confirmed and he was sent directly to the order page for his equipment.

Multiple users on Reddit confirmed they too were also able to get approved. This was despite having previously signed up to be a beta tester when the service was available in their area.

We tried a few random addresses in Terrace, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta, but were unsuccessful in getting approved immediately. We were finally successful after trying a random address in Brandon, Manitoba, as seen in the images above.

If you want to try, head over to, enter your address, and cross your fingers.

Let us know in the comments below if you were successful.

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