The Mercedes Benz EQS takes on the Moose Test

The new Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 took on the infamous Moose Test, and the results were a little surprising for such a hyped vehicle.

The Mercedes EQS was one of the worst-performing EVs that has taken on the challenge.

The testers had to change multiple settings to get a successful run for the test. When the vehicle was in Comfort mode, with regenerative braking set to normal, the testers successfully got the car through the course at a 72 km/h entry. 

However, by the exit, the vehicle dropped 20 km/h and exited at 52 km/h.

Even more interesting is that the testers had to get used to the car even to get this successful test.

The steering movement required for the Moose Test was less incisive than they thought.

For comparison, the EQS’s cousin, the Mercedes S-Class, successfully passed the test at 74 km/h.

However, other EVs passed the test with higher speeds, including the Tesla Model Y, Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The test driver noted the Mercedes EQS tends to understeer at higher speeds, but overall it was a controllable vehicle. The EQS did not get a fail, but it only squeaked by in terms of a passing mark.

You can check out the full Moose Test for the Mercedes EQS down below:

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