Kia EV6 gets nearly $19K in markups at Illinois dealership [Update]

You can add Kia to the list of automakers whose dealer network is attempting to gouge consumers with “market adjustments” on new and popular electric vehicles (EVs).

In this case it is the Kia EV6, a highly anticipated electric crossover that has just started to arrive at dealerships across the US.

One of those dealerships is McGrath Arlington Kia in Palatine, Illinois. According to a photo of a window sticker taken by auto journalist Anthony Fongaro, the EV6 First Edition on their showroom floor is $18,490 more expensive than the MSRP.

Breaking it down, $12,500 of that is a “market adjustment,” $3,995 is an added “interior protect” package, with another “Pro Pack” added on for good measure at $2,495.

When reached for comments about the markups by Motor1, Sales Manager Chris Duplanchic attempted to explain it away by saying it was an “irreplaceable” version of the EV6, and that they were only gouging as much as the other dealers are.

“Because of the limited inventory, these cars are somewhat irreplaceable… there is a premium on the vehicle, but when we put a premium on a vehicle, in this instance, we shop around at other Kia stores and make sure that the premium is competitive with other stores… and on top of that, it’s a First Edition car, it’s a limited production.”

Unlike Ford and GM which have threatened to reduce or pull vehicle allocations from dealers found engaging in the practice, a Kia spokesperson basically said there was nothing they could do other than ask them to play nice.

“Dealers are independent businesses, but we do ask them to price fairly and consider customer satisfaction throughout the purchase process.”

Have you been asked to pay for a “market adjustment” on your Kia EV6 reservation? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to as

UPDATE 10:31am PST: One of our readers has made us aware of Kia of Cerritos which has a $25,000 market adjustment on one of their Kia EV6 (h/t: @spl1011).

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Source: Motor1

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