The Electric Circuit is raising its charging rates in Quebec

As per Quebec provincial regulations, the Electric Circuit is announcing changes to its rates for fast-charge stations starting on February 1, 2022.

The new rates will reflect the actual power supplied to the EV and the vehicle battery charge level.

The Government of Quebec confirmed these rate adjustments back on December 1, 2021. As per the government, the rate adjustments are necessary to support the expansion of the public charging network.

In addition, the adjustments will improve price equity across charging stations.

The new hourly rate based on tiered pricing will apply to 100-kW charging stations.

The new pricing will be:

  • 22-kW fast charge stations
    • $7.31/ hour
  • 50-kW fast-charge stations
    • $12.39/ hour or $24.78/hour when battery level is more than or equal to 90 per cent
  • 100-kW fast-charging stations
    • $15.27/ hour 0-50 kW
    • $19.39/ hour 50 to 60 kW
    • $23.48/ hour 60 to 70 kW
    • $31.69/ hour 80 to 90 kW
    • $35.79/ hour 90 to 100 kW
    • $30.54/ hour 0 to 50 kW (battery level more than or equal to 90 per cent)
  • 100-kW+ fast charge stations
    • $35.79/ hour

The Electric Circuit is the largest public charging network for EVs in Quebec.

The network has more than 3,400 public charging stations, including over 600 fast-charge stations, in every region of the province.

*Note* Article has been updated to reflect adjusted rates of when battery level is more than or equal to 90 per cent.

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