Subaru dealers attempting to cash in with Solterra EV market adjustments


GM and Ford dealers have been making headlines recently by attempting to add “market adjustments” to popular upcoming electric vehicles (EVs) like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevy Silverado EV.

Just one day after opening up reservations for the Solterra EV in the United States, Subaru dealers appear to be trying the same tactic.

According to a member of the SolterraForum who placed a reservation on Tuesday, Kendall Subaru in Eugene, Oregon called them on Wednesday to say they will be adding an extra $5,000 on top of the MSRP, which at this point has not yet been announced.

The problem is compounded by the fact that unlike Ford, Subaru does not allow you to transfer your reservation to another dealer that is not adding market adjustments.

Subaru’s reservation FAQs state, “Once the customer has completed the Reservation Process the customer cannot go back and change the selected Subaru retailer.”

Both GM and Ford have publicly stated they are against unwarranted dealer markups, threatening to reduce or pull vehicle allocations for dealerships found to be engaging in the practice.

It will be interesting to see if Subaru follows their lead and threatens the same.

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