Show or hide media sources returns in 2022.4.5

There were a lot of criticisms when Tesla released the new V11 user interface (UI) in the 2021 Holiday Software Update.

One of those criticisms was that owners could no longer opt to hide media sources (e.g., Radio, Spotify, TuneIn etc.) they don’t use very often.

Just a few days after the release, Tesla Raj (@tesla_raj) took to Twitter to ask Musk for the feature return, with Musk replying that many UI improvements were coming.

Apparently this was near the top of the list, as the feature was included in the 2022.4.5 software update released earlier this week.

‘Show or hide media sources’ wasn’t included in the release notes, but was discovered by u/garvesnation on Reddit.

This wasn’t the only UI improvement included in the release that was not mentioned in the release notes.

Tesla also brought back the Driver Profiles, WiFi/LTE signal, and the Supercharger icon to the homescreen.

Tesla reverts some V11 UI changes in latest software update in China


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