How to add a fifth quick control icon to your Tesla mobile app [Video]

Almost one year ago Tesla added the ability to customize the ‘quick controls’ in your mobile app. The new feature allowed you switch out the standard controls (lock/unlock, HVAC, charge port open/close, open frunk) with any of the other controls available.

Soon after it was discovered that you could add a fifth icon to your tray, although it required a little finessing to get it done. Through a little more tinkering a glitch was discovered where you can add all of the quick controls. We were able to do this, but stuck with just adding seven of our most used controls as you could not clear them out once they were added.

Whenever we post a screenshot of our mobile app we always get questions from our readers on Twitter on how to do this. The bad news is this glitch has been closed and you can no longer add six or more icons.

WARNING: If you have more than five icons, don’t try and change them as Tesla now allows you to remove them, but there is no way to add them back, and even worse as soon as you hit save they are all removed. (we learned this the hard way)

For those new owners who might not be aware of how to add a fifth icon, here’s a short video on how to do it.

First you need to tap and hold on any of the existing icons. This will bring up all available quick controls. Tap on the one you want, and drag it as far to the right as possible until it is off the screen. You will see a placeholder for the firth icon appear, at which point you simply remove your finger and you now have your fifth icon.

A good candidate for your fifth quick control icon is the new remote door latch control for Model 3/Y.

Hopefully this helps some of you who might not have been aware of this little trick. Let us know in the comments what your five quick control icons are.

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