Tesla updates mobile app to allow customization of quick controls [Update]

Tesla has updated their mobile app again, and added a long awaited and highly requested feature by owners – quick control customizations.

The new version of the app was released in the iOS App Store late Wednesday night.

In previous versions, the four quick controls – lock/unlock, HVAC on/off, charge port open/close, and open trunk were static and could not be changed.

old quick controls

Many owners were frustrated with the lack of customization of the layout, with one of the most common requests to change out the frunk control for trunk control instead.

Now owners can customize and select from eight other quick controls to add to the dock. Simply drag your desired control over top of the one you want to replace, and tap save. We tested it out and the feature works flawlessly.

The updated controls also appear in the widget.

quick controls

Along with the quick control customization, the update also includes the ability to adjust cabin overheat protection (if anyone can find this in the app let us know in the comments below) and also features widget improvements.

The release notes also provide a bit of an update on Sentry Mode Live Camera Access, which has yet to make it to Canada. According to the notes, the update clarifies it is only for “supported cars in supported countries.”

There is also the requirement to be on vehicle software 2021.40.5, which has not been released yet.

For Canadian Tesla owners, this statement could be taken one of two ways.

The more positive view is that the plural of country was used, hinting that it will be available soon in more than just the United States.

The pessimistic view is that it now specifies that it is not available everywhere, meaning Canada will continue to be left out and not receive the feature.

UPDATE 10:10pm PST: For owners in China, the update also includes a big quality of life improvement. You can now unlock the floor locks at Supercharger stations through your mobile device.

The locks are intended to prevent “ICE’ing” of Superchargers, and was previously only able to be unlocked through scanning a QR code and using the WeChat mobile app.


Here is what these locks look like. You can also see the QR codes next to the pedestals.

tesla china supercharger
Credit: Tesla /Weibo
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