SpaceX to add donate option to Starlink to fund internet access in schools, hospitals, and other areas of need

In the midst of spending over $100 million to fund Starlink internet access in Ukraine, SpaceX will soon add a donate option to their website to allow people to fund the satellite internet service in other areas of need.

Starlink provides internet service through a constellation of over 3,000 low-earth orbit satellites, enabling customers to access the internet in remote and rural areas that lack the infrastructure for other forms of broadband internet.

This can make Starlink a literally life-changing service, as pointed out previously by CEO Elon Musk who said it can be a path out of poverty by providing education to those who might not otherwise receive it.

The difficulty in doing this however is obtaining the funding to add Starlink service in these areas, as these underserved areas often have very few resources and can’t do it themselves.

That will soon change and anyone will be able to donate money to SpaceX to add Starlink in schools, hospitals, and other areas of need. Musk agreed to add the donate option on the suggestion of a Twitter user earlier this morning.

SpaceX has already changed the lives of many people with the addition of Starlink service. Most recently schools in the Amazon region of Brazil have been connected to the internet through Starlink.

The company has also connected remote indigenous communities in both Canada and the United States.

Number of daily Starlink users in Ukraine reaches 150,000

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