Just in time for winter Tesla adds ability to remotely unlatch Model 3/Y driver’s door

Tesla has added a new feature through a free over-the-air (OTA) update that will be a welcomed addition for owners in cold climates – the ability to remotely unlatch the driver’s door through the mobile app.

With Tesla’s flush door handle design, it is not uncommon for the handle to be frozen over in the winter due to snow and ice, preventing you from being able to enter your car.

There are ways around this. Some owners pour warm water over the door handle to release it, while others take a slightly less subtle approach.

Now all you need to do is pull out your mobile app.

Last night Tesla rolled out a new version of the mobile app on the iOS App Store, version 4.14.0, which added a new quick control to unlatch the Model 3 or Model Y driver’s door. (and also a new lock screen widget to see your vehicle’s battery percentage or range)

The only catch is that you have been on the latest 2022.36 vehicle software branch, which has so far seen a limited rollout that began last week.

But there are owners out there who have it, like Andreas Ludt (@ezraz00r) who shared what the new quick control looks like, and a video of it in action.

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