GM shuts down Hummer EV reservations

General Motors (GM) is the latest automaker to shut down orders for one of their electric vehicles (EVs) amid a growing waitlist that is now over 90,000 people deep.

As we reported last week, more than 90,000 people have placed an order for either the truck or SUV version of the massive EV. According to GMC spokesman Mikhael Farah that 90,000 figure is about evenly split down the middle between the two variants.

With over 90,000 reservations and what GMC is calling “incredible demand,” the automaker has decided to close their order books for the Hummer EV.

“We’re excited to say this incredible demand has led to Hummer EV reservations being fully booked at this time,” said Farah. (via Detroit Free Press)

With the change, GMC is another in a long line of legacy automakers who underestimated the level of demand for EVs. Ford, VW, and Kia have all had to close their EV orders books at various points this year as their production capacities simply can’t keep up with the demand.

When that happens, waitlists grow, and so do delivery wait times. In the case of the Hummer EV, GMC said back in March, when the number of reservations was at 65,000, that new orders would not be delivered until at least 2024.

The reason for that 2+ year wait is because GM is currently producing very few Hummer EVs. In June only 12 units were coming out of Factory Zero each day, and the company has only been able to deliver fewer than 400 since deliveries began on December 21, 2021.

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