GM rolling just 12 Hummer EVs off the production line per day

General Motors wanted to start deliveries of the Hummer EV by the end of 2021, and just squeaked past the finish line by delivering one unit on December 31, 2021.

In the six months since then, the automaker has been unable to ramp up production to a meaningful number, despite there being more than 77,000 people waiting in line to receive one.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, just 12 of the 9,000lb electric SUVs are rolling off the production line at GM’s Factory Zero in Detroit each day.

That level of production is akin to a brand new automaker building its first car, like Rivian which after struggling to make more than one R1T per day in the early stages of production is now producing between 30 and 40 per day. It is worth noting that is in about the same amount of time the GM has been building the Hummer EV.

If GM is unable to improve the Hummer EVs production rate, it will take nearly 20 years to work through the waitlist, which currently stands at around 77,500 according to GM spokesperson, Chad Lyons.

Part of the reason production has been slow is because the Hummer EV was developed from scratch, but GM says they are working through the kinks and production will increase later this year, Lyons says we should expect to see deliveries in the thousands by the end of 2022.

“Our ability to satisfy that demand is only going to improve as we bring on vertical integration of battery cell production. You can expect to see hundreds of deliveries grow to thousands later this year,” Lyons said.
Hopefully GMs future electric vehicles won’t suffer the same growing pains that the Hummer EV is experiencing. The automaker plans to bring a number of news EVs to market in the next few years, including another electric truck, the Silverado EV, which already has over 100,000 reservation ahead of its planned launch next spring.
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