GMC Hummer EV reservations top 90,000

With an anemically slow production rate, the number of reservations for the GMC Hummer EV continues to pile up. According to the most recent count more than 90,000 customers have placed a reservation for the electric SUV.

The figure came from GMC marketing director Rich Latek, who spoke with Autoblog on the sidelines of the Detroit Auto Show this week. That is an impressive increase from the 65,000 reservations that were announced back in March.

Interest in the massive electric SUV isn’t slowing down either. According to Latek, the rate of new reservations is actually increasing, and each of the past few quarters has seen more new orders placed than the quarter before.

These also aren’t customers putting down a deposit just for the fun of it, as Latek says that more than 90% of reservations holders are following through and placing an actual order when their turn in line comes up.

Part of the reason those customers are likely following through is because there are so few on the road, pushing second-hand prices sky high.

At an auction in Las Vegas earlier this summer a GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 sold for nearly three times its original price.

Why are there so few Hummer EVs on the road? Because GMC was reportedly producing just 12 of them every day in June.

With the high number of reservations and the slow production rate, placing an order today means you won’t see your new Hummer EV until 2024 at the earliest.

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