Tesla opens Model Y orders in Taiwan

Tesla has finally opened up orders for the Model Y in Taiwan, offering two variants of the electric SUV to customers in the east Asian country.

According to an update to the online Design Studio on Friday, the Model Y Long Range and Model Y Performance are both available for purchase.

The Long Range variant is priced at NT$2,299,900, or about $98,000 CAD or $72,500 USD, a slight premium over prices in North America.

Opting for the top-of-the-line Performance variant will set you back NT$2,599,900, or about $110,600 CAD or $82,000 USD.

Interestingly, unlike how Tesla’s website normally shows an expected delivery timeline, neither variant has this information. However, according to information obtained by Drive Tesla, the first shipment of vehicles should arrive in Taiwan in Q4, probably towards the end of the quarter.

Perhaps more importantly, we have also learned that Model Ys destined for Taiwan will be made at Giga Berlin, and not Giga Shanghai as many people might expect.

The factory has been building test vehicles for Taiwan over the last few months, and should begin production of Model Y cars certified for sale in the country soon.

After more than two years on the market, and since becoming the most popular electric SUV, Tesla has launched the Model Y in five new markets in just the last few months.

In June orders for the Model Y were launched in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore. Deliveries in all of those markets have already begun, with cars for those markets being built at Giga Shanghai, Tesla’s primary vehicle export hub.

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