Giga Texas ramps production to 3,000 Model Ys per week

Tesla has announced another production milestone has been reached at Giga Texas, sharing on Twitter that crews at the factory is now producing 3,000 Model Ys per week.

Giga Texas was opened back in April with the Cyber Rodeo, less than two years after construction first began. Initially the factory was producing Model Ys with structural battery packs and 4680 cells, but shifted to building the electric SUV with Tesla’s traditional 2170 cells as 4680 production wasn’t ramping as quickly as hoped.

Despite the switch, crews at the factory were able to ramp production to 1,000 Model Ys per week in August, four months after opening.

That was followed in quick succession with Giga Texas doubling that amount and building 2,000 new cars per week by the end of September.

Now in mid-December that number has increased to 3,000 Model Ys per week, according to the official Tesla Twitter account on Thursday.

In their last quarterly update Tesla indicated Giga Texas had an installed annual vehicle capacity of less than 250,000 cars. At 3,000 cars per week that indicates Giga Texas is still within that range and has annual production capacity 156,000 cars.

Despite opening one month after Giga Berlin, crews at Giga Texas have been able to ramp production quicker than their counterparts in Germany. As of the most recent official update from Tesla, Giga Berlin was producing 2,000 Model Ys per week at the end of September, around the same time Giga Texas reached that same milestone.

Tesla has not shared another update on Giga Berlin’s progress since then, indicating the factory hasn’t surpassed 3,000 units yet. This information has been confirmed by our sources at the factory, who indicated the factory was closer to around 2,500 cars per week at the end of November.

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