Tesla working to triple capacity of Hutto railyard as Giga Texas ramps production

Tesla is apparently expecting a big boost in production from Giga Texas. The automaker is almost done work to triple the capacity of its railyard near Hutto, Texas.

Since earlier this summer Tesla has been using the railyard located, at the RCR Taylor Logistics Park about 40 minutes northeast of Giga Texas, to send off newly built cars to various areas of the US by train.

Tesla has been loading their new Model Ys onto the trains via two rail sidings. That was until recently, when Tesla began work to add four new rail sidings, tripling the capacity from two to six. (h/t: @ChansooByeon)

Over the last few weeks drone operator Brad Sloan has been tracking the progress of the construction, and based on his most recent flyover on Thursday, December 8, work is progressing quickly and most of the new tracks have already been laid.

As you can see in the video below the tracks are almost complete and ready to join onto the main line.


The additional capacity comes at a time when Sloan and other drone operators like Jeff Roberts have been noticing an increase in cars being brought to the rail yard for transport in recent weeks.

All of this points to an increase in production of Model Ys from Giga Texas. The factory opened in April and by the end of October had reached 20,000 cars built.

A recent report from Electrek, citing an anonymous source, suggests Tesla is looking to build as many as 75,000 cars at Giga Texas in the first quarter of 2023, indicating a production rate of 5,000 cars per week.

The report also stated Tesla was in no rush to reach that kind of volume this quarter as it was still setting up the logistics that will allow it to handle it.

Based on the increased activity at Giga Texas and the work at their railyard to increase its capacity, it looks like Giga Texas could see a big ramp in production in the coming weeks.

Here is a flyover of both Giga Texas and the rail yard from Jeff Roberts on December 6, 2022.

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