Giga Texas achieves production of 1,000 Model Ys in one week

Giga Texas has followed Giga Berlin’s lead and reached a significant milestone in its production ramp, building 1,000 Model Ys in one week.

News of the accomplishment was shared by a Tesla employee on Snapchat, with the photo later being shared by @WholeMarsBlog on Twitter.

The photo shows a commemorative sign celebrating achievement with a Tesla logo and “1,000”, outlined by the unmistakable shape of the Gigafactory. The sign is covered in signatures of the employees that helped reach build those cars and reach the milestone figure.

Giga Texas was able to achieve this milestone a little over four months after officially opening in early April.

That is a little slower than Giga Berlin, which was able to achieve production of 1,000 Model Ys in one week in mid-June, three months after opening.

Despite taking longer to reach 1,000 cars in one week, Giga Texas is ahead of where Tesla and CEO Elon Musk expected the factory to be earlier this month. During the 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders on August 4, 2022, Musk said Giga Texas should reach 1,000 cars “in a few months,” putting Giga Texas ahead of schedule.

Since opening on April 8, Giga Texas has progressed from only building Model Y Standard Range cars with structural battery packs and 4680 cells to also building Model Y Long Range cars with 2170 cells on their production lines.

This diversification has helped the factory to continue to produce cars while Tesla ramps production of 4680 battery cells at its Kato Rd facility in California.

As explained by Senior Vice President, Powertrain and Energy Engineering Drew Baglino during the Q2 2022 earnings call, 4680 cell equipment at Giga Texas has been installed and commissioned and during the second quarter the factory “produced our first commissioned…sets of cells through the end of the line.”

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