Ford Canada Shifts Focus from Early Adopters to Mass Market for EVs

Ford Canada is moving on from focusing on early adopters to the mass consumer when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs).

The shift is needed as Ford is still struggling to transition clients to the electric side of the business. This is not surprising, considering they have long been a strong player in the traditional auto market. There are several issues that the company could be looking to solve to bring in the mass vehicle consumer. This includes pricing, range anxiety, charging infrastructure and battery material supplies.

Ford Canada Chief Executive Bev Goodman noted the company’s struggles at Autonews Canada’s Retail Form:

A year and a half ago, we couldn’t build enough EVs… Now, there are some cases where inventory is building up on selected vehicle lines, and there are some cases also where we have the wrong inventory in the wrong places. (via Car Scoops)

The big question for Ford is if they can keep the momentum going for their electric offerings and bring over more and more mass-market consumers looking to purchase a vehicle. Supply is currently an issue, and as Goodman noted, it is not only if there is a supply but where the supply is located.

Ford only has the Mustang Mach-E and the Ford F-150 Lightning as their EV offerings. So, many believe the first step to embracing the EV side of the business would be to build out EV options for the Explorer, Escape and even the Edge. But only time will tell what Ford’s plans are moving forward in this space.

Ford Delays $12 Billion in EV Investments Due To UAW Strike Impact and Slow Consumer Demand

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Ford Delays $12 Billion in EV Investments Due To UAW Strike Impact and Slow Consumer Demand

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