Ford increases F-150 Lightning base price to $56,000 in the US

The Ford F-150 Lightning has become more expensive as the company has raised prices in the US yet again. The least expensive variant will now start at $55,974, according to an update to Ford’s website on Thursday.

Ford has added a total of $16,000 to the original price of the F-150 Lightning since it launched earlier this year. The electric pickup truck entered the market at $40,000, which pleasantly surprised buyers.

However, the automaker tacked on up to $8,000 on the truck in August. This was followed by another increase to $52,000 in October.

Barely two months later, Ford has increased prices again. Buyers will pay almost $56,000 for the most affordable F-150 Lightning.

Ford has kept the prices of the other truck variants the same. Buyers can still get the XLT with an extended battery for $81,000.

The new price for the base Lightning is already live on the US version of the company’s website. The Ford Canada website does not show an increase in price for any trims at the time of publication.

The automaker is planning to ramp up the truck’s production next year. It recently added a third shift at the plant where the Lightning is produced near Detroit.

Ford sold 13,258 units of the Lightning in the first 11 months of 2022. It wants to produce 150,000 electric pickup trucks next year.

Ford is not the only company to have increased prices, as the whole industry faces higher costs of operations and supply chain troubles.

However, Tesla reduced prices in China, even though it is on a roll in the country sales-wise.

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