Tesla launches Quicksilver paint for Model Y in the US

Tesla has brought Quicksilver to the United States, officially launching the new paint option on Thursday night. However, there are some catches as it is only available on cars in existing inventory, and unfortunately it is not available in Canada.

Over the last few months a number of Model Ys finished in Quicksilver have been spotted at Giga Texas. The frequency and volume of Quicksilver Model Ys has increased in recent weeks, a noteworthy development because Quicksilver was originally supposed to be exclusive to Giga Berlin, thanks to its advanced Paint Shop.

Despite this, Quicksilver expanded beyond Giga Berlin. Earlier this year Giga Shanghai added Quicksilver to its colour palette, opening it up China and a number of other new markets that receives exports from Giga Shanghai.

Now it has officially come to the United States. On Thursday night a number of Model Ys in Quicksilver appeared on Tesla’s existing inventory page. The new paint is available on both the Long Range (LR) and Performance variants for an extra US$2,000, making it the most expensive paint option alongside Ultra Red and Solid Black.

Quicksilver is not available on the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD). (h/t: @SawyerMerritt)

Credit: Tesla

Along with only being available through existing inventory, a Quicksilver Model Y is also not available in Canada. That is because only Giga Texas is producing Model Ys in this new colour, and Tesla does not send any of its cars from Texas to Canada.

This leaves three possible options for Canadians to get Quicksilver. The first is for Tesla to change their logistics and begin sending cars from Giga Texas to Canada. The other is for Tesla’s Fremont factory to begin Model Y production in Quicksilver, although this seems less likely given its older Paint Shop.

The final option is that Tesla switches back to exporting Model Y from Giga Shanghai, which as we mentioned before does make Quicksilver. Tesla used to import Model Ys into Canada last year, but has since reverted back to Fremont. Currently Canada only receives the Model 3 from China.

What do you think of the new paint option, would you order a Quicksilver Model Y? Have you already ordered one? Let us know in the comments below.

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