Giga Berlin’s production ramp is going smoothly after building 1,000 cars in one week [Update]

Giga Berlin has only been open since March 22, 2022, but the factory has already reached a significant milestone in its production ramp.

As shared by the official Tesla Twitter account last night, crews at Giga Berlin were able to build 1,000 Model Ys this week.

UPDATE June 20 10:24am PST: We have learned Tesla produced 1,014 cars during the week. The factory does not yet operate on weekends.

The achievement comes in the week following CEO Elon Musk’s company-wide email in which he congratulated the Giga Berlin team for building “almost 1,000 cars,” calling it “great stuff.”

What makes this milestone impressive is how quickly and smoothly Giga Berlin’s production ramp is going so far. According to information obtained by Drive Tesla, the factory has a production target of 200 cars per day, and crews were able to exceed that number almost every day this week.

The factory still has a long way to go to reach its full potential of 500,000 cars per year, but given statements by Musk which said it would take the better part of one year to reach volume production, Giga Berlin is definitely off to a good start.

Giga Berlin is still only producing the Performance variant of the Model Y, although the factory has completed some trial production of Long Range models in March before it officially opened.

Crews have also recently built three Model Ys with single-piece front and rear castings and a structural battery pack, in preparation for the addition of Model Ys with 4680 cells to their production lines in the future.

Tesla builds first Model Y with single-piece front and rear castings and structural battery pack at Giga Berlin

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