Giga Shanghai will complete retrofit project on time

The much anticipated Giga Shanghai retrofit project will be completed on time and be ready to launch on August 8.

The retrofit was finishing two major projects:

  • The first was completing the reformation work of the second-phase lines dedicated to the Model Y. That work was completed on July 16.
  • Secondly, Tesla was completing remolding work of its first-phase production line, which manufactured the Model 3. That work will be completed on August 7 with the line opening the following day.

Once the retrofit is completed and Tesla adopts a three-shift manufacturing schedule at the facility, the factory’s output will increase significantly.

The second-phase Model Y line will be able to produce 2,200 vehicles per day.

While the first-phase Model 3 line will be able to produce between 1,000 and 1,200 Model 3s per day.

At least say that production output is a massive increase over what Giga Shanghai was producing.

Previous to the retrofit, the factory was producing around 2,500 vehicles per day.

Post retrofit, that number may jump to 3,400 vehicles if everything goes according to plan.

At the moment, Model Y production is still below expectations in terms of daily production.

However, this should change in the coming months as the production line comes off a lull with the retrofit and post COVID lockdown.

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