Giga Shanghai will exit the “closed-loop” system on June 11

Since April 19, Tesla China’s Giga Shanghai has operated on a closed-loop system, a system that allowed the factory to restart production under strict government COVID-19 regulations.

The system would see workers live and work in the factory working 6 days a week.

However, with COVID-19 fears easing, it looks like Tesla China will end the closed-loop system on June 11.

As of that date, workers will be free to commute between their homes and Giga Shanghai for their shifts, according to a report by the South China Morning Post. This is a welcome change for those workers who have been working long hours and all without being able to see their friends and loved ones in person.

Although we have not seen the specifics, it looks like mass testing will be a necessary procedure to get out of the closed-loop requirement.

The Administration Manager at Songz Automobile Air Conditioning, one of NIO’s suppliers, had this to say:

To comply with the requirement, the company has to organize at least two mass testing per week even though it is time-consuming and affects production. We hope the entire automotive industry can fully recover soon.

Tesla China did not provide a comment. Nor did they confirm what requirements they will need to meet to exit the closed-loop system.

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