Tesla is launching a new shareholder platform

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Credit: Tesla

Today, Tesla launched a new shareholder platform to help manage its large investor base.

The new platform will allow shareholders to interact with the company, participate in events, and ask questions.

Elon Musk has long hated routine investor relation calls and has pushed the company to include more interactions with retail investors.

The new platform uses Say and Plaid and is built in-house.

Tesla announced the new platform on Twitter this morning.

Shareholders can sign up by proving ownership with their brokers through Plaid or Say.

If you are not in the United States, you can manually verify your ownership with a statement.

For now, the platform only offers participation in shareholder events and the ability to vote and submit questions during earnings calls.

However, as per the site, there is more to be announced.

You can also choose how many emails you want from Tesla, whether you are looking for the company’s basic, intermediate or detailed information.

At least to say, this is not a surprise coming from a company that wants to hear from its shareholders.

Traditional shareholder calls do not allow this kind of access, so Tesla went out and built its own platform.

We shall see how the Q3 call goes in a couple of months on this new software and report back!

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