Giga Shanghai restarts with a vengeance

After the Q1 2022 Earnings Call where Elon Musk said Giga Shanghai would be back with a vengeance, we were unsure what to think.

However, he evidently meant the factory was ready to go, and the latest videos and photos seem to back up.

The plant only restarted this week, and already there are hundreds of Model Y’s ready to be delivered.

The plant is certainly back up and running, and that is good news for both Tesla China and their customers.

Tesla China is still running a closed-loop facility. Where workers are sleeping, eating and working in the plant. This agreement allowed Tesla to re-open and get back to producing cars while the city of Shanghai continues to be in lockdown for COVID-19.

Currently, the 8,000 or so workers work on a single shift of 12 hours per day. This means that Giga Shanghai is below its normal output but can still produce about 1,000 cars per week.

As per Tesla China officials, they have enough parts to continue production for a week or so. However, the company is urging its suppliers to restart production, so there is no disruption moving forward.

You can check out the lot yourself with the below drone via Twitter user Chris Zheng.

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