Fiat to launch four new models in Europe

Fiat is getting ready to launch one of the company’s most significant overhauls in its illustrious history.

The company is launching four new models in Europe in the next few years which include electric drivetrains.

The first model will be Punto sized but not called the Punto. The car will be the size of a Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo and will come in combustion, hybrid and electric drivetrain.

The other three models will be crossovers and embrace the minimalist approach and spirit. At least one of these vehicles will be called the Panda.

Fiat boss Oliver Francois told Autocar that:

Fiat should be the people’s Tesla: electric for all. Clearly, we need the cost of electrification to go down. By 2027, we will be ready, but possibly before. It will depend on cost. I want us to be the first mass-market brand to be electric-only.

Fiat did not confirm any timings for the new vehicle launches, nor did they provide any details about the vehicles.

However, as per Francois, the Punto sized vehicle will lead the brand towards a lineup of zero-emission vehicles starting in 2027. So one can assume that the car will make its debut sooner rather than later.

For those of us in North America, we will not be getting any of these vehicles yet.

Fiat will continue to sell the Fiat 500X with no confirmed plans to add to the lineup.

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