Tesla recalling workers to Giga Shanghai for April 19 re-opening [Report]

Giga Shanghai Tesla

Tesla is reportedly calling back its workers to Giga Shanghai for a Tuesday start of production.

The re-start of production is according to two sources that informed Reuters of the return to work. The initial goal was to start production on April 18, but one of the suppliers asked for a one day delay.

Tesla will also add shifts to its operations as things open back up. However, Tesla will start with a single shift restart.

Tesla is not alone in restarting production. SAIC Motor is stress-testing its production resumption on Monday in Shanghai.

Shanghai, of course, has been under lockdown after yet another wave of COVID-19 infections rocked the city.

Giga Shanghai production has been paused due to the lockdowns since the end of March.

Before the shutdown, the factory was producing 2,100 vehicles per day, and from estimates, it will take some time to get back to that level.

That means for Tesla is that their Chinese sales numbers should take a hit in Q2 as they will not have the vehicles to sell. However, Tesla could make up ground between Tuesday and the end of Q2.

Tesla did not provide a comment, nor did they confirm if Giga Shanghai is re-opening on Tuesday.

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