Giga Shanghai to open with a closed-loop system for employees

Giga Shanghai phase two
Credit: Wu Wa /YouTube

Following a three week shutdown in Shanghai due to surging COVID-19 cases, Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is poised to open.

According to reporting by Bloomberg, to do so, Tesla China is adopting a closed-loop system for their factory workers.

This closed-loop system will ensure that the factory can get back and operate while protecting workers and passing strict restrictions on residential compounds in the city.

For the closed-loop system to work, Tesla China will provide the following

  • Each employee will receive a sleeping bag, a mattress and three meals a day.
  • Employees will sleep in a designated sleeping area within the factory.
  • Tesla will provide entertainment and showering facilities (to come)
  • Each employee will get a daily stipend of roughly 400 yuan (about $78.50 CAD). The exact amount of the stipend are still unknown, but the amount will depend on the person’s position.

The memo that Bloomberg has seen also noted that only Tesla China staff that reside in the lowest-risk residential compounds and have two COVID-19 vaccinations may resume work.

The workers will join the 400 employees reportedly already in the Giga Shanghai facility.

The memo suggests that this batch of closed-loop workers will work in the facility through May 1, but that is subject to change. The workers who enter the closed-loop will work 12 hours a day, six days a week with one day off.

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