Ford’s top Lincoln dealers may cough up $900,000 to sell EVs

Selling EVs carrying the Lincoln logo may be expensive, as top dealers may have to shell out $900,000 for the privilege, as reported by Automotive News. This is more than four times what Cadillac is asking.

Ford delays Explorer and Lincoln Aviator EVs to double Mach-e production.

Lincoln dealerships have always been expensive to own and operate. The showrooms are of higher than usual standards and may cost millions of dollars. However, to add Lincoln EVs to their rosters, the dealers have to invest almost $1 million on EV chargers and other necessary upgrades.

The amount to be invested is even higher for Ford-branded stores that want to sell EVs, which may need to spend up to $1.2 million. However, for stores operating both franchises, Ford is requesting they make the investments separately, even when the two businesses are under the same roof. However, Ford allows dealers to choose a lower investment tier of about $500,000.

Lincoln is simply asking the top 130 dealers out of 650 to invest almost a million dollars in selling EVs. The dealerships have until Dec 15th to decide or sell gasoline cars until 2026, when Lincoln will give them a choice to opt for EVs again.

Lincoln does not sell EVs yet, although it was expected to launch the first one in 2022. However, it is preparing its dealers. The brand wants to attract the younger car-buying crowd when its EVs are ready.

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