Tesla delaying deliveries due to missing charge port ECUs

Tesla appears to be suffering from another supply chain issue, this time to do with the charge port ECU that has resulted in the automaker delaying hundreds, or potentially even thousands of deliveries.

The problem appears to have started in late March, when according to several reports posted to the TMC forums customers who were expecting to receive their new car within days were being told it was instead being pushed back without explanation.

A change to an estimated delivery date is not uncommon, but these customers had already been assigned a VIN. Furthermore, several have been able to go to their local delivery center and see their vehicle sitting on the lot with a piece of white tape over the charge port.

After some pressing from frustrated customers, Delivery Advisors said the cars were built and shipped without charge port ECUs, and the deliveries are on hold until the parts arrive.

Making the matter worse, some customers have already paid in full for their new car, while other are already paying on a loan for a car they don’t have. One TMC forum member took out a third-party loan with a low interest rate that was going to expire on May 12, 2022. When he received his VIN on April 28 and not wanting to pay a higher interest rate, he decided to fund the loan, not knowing he would still be without the car nearly a month later.

It has now been nearly two month since the first report of a delivery delay due to a missing charge port ECU came in. Some Delivery Advisors are saying the necessary parts will arrive by the end of the month, while others are saying there is still no timeframe, so it is still anyone’s guess as to when these customers will be able to drive off in their new cars.

Are you facing the same delay with your delivery? Have you been given a date for when the parts will arrive? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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