Peter Rawlinson Critiques Tesla’s Focus, Sees Opportunity for Lucid to Lead EV Innovation

Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson has expressed concerns about Tesla’s current trajectory, suggesting that the EV manufacturer might be veering off course. Rawlinson made the comments during a recent episode of BBC’s “Wake Up To Money,” in which the former Tesla executive expressed concerns that Tesla’s initial sharp focus has been blurred by distractions outside its primary business scope.

In the interview, Rawlinson highlighted what he said was a shift in Tesla’s strategic priorities, pointing out that the company, once known for its groundbreaking technologies and clear mission, now appears to be entangled in extraneous activities, including social media and political matters, without mentioning any names.

Rawlinson expressed worry that these distractions are diluting Tesla’s core objective of advancing electric vehicle technology. “What I’m seeing now is a worrying trend towards distraction. Tesla seems to be distracted… and it’s kind of losing its way. I don’t see it having that singular sense of purpose,” Rawlinson said during the interview. (via EV)

This perceived misdirection by Tesla is seen by Rawlinson as an opportunity for his company, Lucid Motors, to lead the charge in pushing EV technology to new heights. According to Rawlinson, Lucid is poised to fill the void left by Tesla’s current preoccupations, aiming to advance the technology and potentially dominate the market that Tesla once unequivocally led.

However, Lucid has faced, and continues to face, its own challenges. From struggling to sell their luxury electric vehicles to losing billions of dollars as they ramp production, Lucid has had to layoff thousands of employees, most recently just last week by about 6%, or 400 jobs, as part of a restructuring and cost reduction plan.

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