Dozens of Tesla Model S and X vehicles spotted around Fremont Factory

Recent footage of Tesla’s Fremont Factory have revealed what appears to be dozens of newly produced Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles.

The footage shows a fleet of Model S and Model X vehicles packed into areas around the facility, including the test track area and some of its parking lots.

As the video continues, we see several car carriers loaded up with vehicles. According to Musk, Tesla has almost outgrown the Fremont Factory, and from the video, it seems they are looking for anywhere to park extra vehicles.

Tesla hopes to have a big Q4 2021. The company has already surpassed its total 2020 numbers for vehicles sold, and Musk and Tesla want to shatter that record.

As of the end of Q3, the company sold a total of 627,350 units, and is on pace to sell around 900,000 this year.

According to Tesla, the company plans to increase Fremont’s output by 50%, but Giga Texas will be the companies headquarters moving forward.

Fremont is not the only Tesla facility that is bursting at the seams. Giga Shanghai has parking lots filled to the brim with vehicles and ready for delivery.  A good sign for Tesla considering the multiple supply chain headaches the auto industry is facing.

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