More photos leak showing Cybertruck production progress

Late last month it was reported that Tesla would be shutting down Giga Texas in early July in order to perform some upgrades to the Model Y production line, but also to shift some workers over to calibrate and test the Cybertruck production lines to get them into production status.

While never confirmed by Tesla, that report appears to be accurate as earlier this week a photo leaked showing two Cybertruck frames and castings inside the General Assembly area of the factory. Now more photos have leaked online showing two more Cybertruck bodies being carted around Giga Texas.

The photos, first shared by @TeslaPhx on Twitter, give us our closest look yet and the Cybertruck bodies, but this time they are further along the production process after having an anti-corrosion coating applied.

There are few other interesting things we can see, or as is the case, not see, in these photos. The first is that it appears as though there will be no cargo tunnel or mid-gate from the cabin into the Cybertruck’s vault.There is still the possibility however the rear window could open, something that would be especially useful for HVAC to reach the bed of the truck for Cybercamping, unless of course Tesla is going to place vents in the Vault itself.

The slanted part of the rear frame also suggests you will be able to recline the second row seat backs, similar to how you can do this currently in the Model Y. Both of these Cybertrucks also have their left and right hinges for the frunk installed.

These photos are a great sign of progress on the Cybertruck production line at Giga Texas. What we are seeing here could be the first release candidate (RC) Cybertrucks being built, which is the final version before the official start of series production and the public launch of the vehicle. This timeline puts it in line with the estimated date for the delivery event around September, and supports an earlier report in which Tesla told its suppliers RC Cybertrucks would be ready by August.

Do you spot anything else in these photos? Let us know in the comments below.


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