Franz von Holzhausen shows off Tesla Cybertruck at Cars & Coffee event

Being Tesla’s Chief Designer has some perks, one of them being able to take the company’s latest vehicle out for a drive. On Sunday Franz von Holzhausen brought the Cybertruck to the inaugural Electrified Cars & Coffee event at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

von Holzhausen made a splash by driving the Cybertruck up to the top floor of the Petersen Musuem’s parkade, where dozens of lucky Tesla fans were able to get an up close look at one of the latest Cybertruck builds. Based on the photos and videos shared on social media, this particular version looked very production ready. As we have seen before, this Cybertruck has the hybrid yoke/round steering wheel, with some on lookers capturing what is the best footage yet of the rear-wheel steering in action.

We also got to see some new details like the Cybertruck’s charge port revealing a backlit silhouette of the trucks unique triangular shaped design. Also shown off at the event was the powered tonneau cover. After seeing what Rivian went through with their powered tonneau cover it remains to be seen how well Tesla’s version will hold up in the wild, but based on the video it looks very smooth in operation.

Another new detail discovered on Sunday was an extra storage compartment in the Cybertruck Vault. In other Tesla vehicles these areas are called the sub-trunks, but since this one is located in the vault, should it be called the sub-Vault?

It also appears as though the Cybertruck will come with ventilated seats, something which is not too surprising considering the Model 3 is expected to also gain this feature soon with the Project Highland refresh.

Here are some other videos and photos you can check out, including a video of von Holzhausen driving the Cybertruck on public streets after the event.

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