Sykesville Police Department adds Tesla Model Y and expects it to last twice as long as an ICE cruiser, resulting in big savings

2021 Tesla Model Y
Credit: Town of Sykesville

The Sykesville Police Department announced today it has added a Tesla Model Y to their fleet of police cruisers.

The Town of Sykesville, Maryland made the decision to go electric after a year-long of investigation into the reliability, cost, and effectiveness of electric vehicles (EVs) being used in other police forces.

After receiving the Model Y Long Range last year, it was retrofitted with lights, sirens, and radios, with much of the equipment being donated by Major Police Supply, whose national sales manager is a local resident.

Like other jurisdictions who have gone electric, town officials expect the Model Y to result in big savings, even with the higher up front cost compared to their traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) cruisers.

Based on their analysis, the Model Y is about $13,000 more expensive than the Dodge Durango. However, with significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs equating to over $6,000 in annual savings, the town expects to break even and realize savings early in year 3.

The upfitting costs are not listed as both the Model Y and Durango require the same equipment which results in similar totals.

 Model Y Dodge Durango  Difference
Purchase Price  $   52,590  $                  39,202  $        13,388
Annual Maintenance Costs  $         250  $                     4,928  $        (4,678)
Annual Fuel Costs  $         391  $                     1,763  $        (1,372)

They also expect the Model Y to last 10 to 12 years before needing to be replaced.

That is significantly longer than the typical 5-6 year lifespan of ICE cruisers, compounding the savings even further.

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If it lasts on the short side of their estimate and needs replacing in 10 years, the town will almost be able to pay for a new Model Y with the savings alone.

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