Chargemap Pass now integrated with Tesla’s Supercharger network in Europe

Chargemap Pass has become the first third-party charging app to be compatible with Tesla’s Supercharger network as the EV maker continues to open up the popular charging network to owners of other electric vehicles.

Chargemap Pass allows EV owners to use a single payment method at many charging stations in Europe. It works with over 700 networks, representing over 320,000 charging points.

However, starting this month, Chargemap Pass users can use their pass to access Tesla’s Superchargers, beginning in France, but the company plans to expand to more European countries later this year. This will allow them to have their charging history in one place instead of jumping from app to app.

For a limited time Chargemap Pass customers will also be billed at the same rate as Tesla owners, instead of paying the monthly membership fee to access the reduced rates.

Tesla began opening up Supercharger stations to everyone in France in January 2022. About 60 stations now welcome non-Tesla EVs across Europe, representing nearly 1,000 fast charging points.

To start using Superchargers on the Chargemap Pass, non-Tesla owners have to download and install the Tesla app and set up an account. They will then set Chargemap Pass as the primary payment method for charging sessions.

Inside the Chargemap app, users will activate the Chargemap Pass compatibility option and add the Tesla Supercharger network. Chargemap business users can also switch to the pass and manage their electric fleet from there, including invoicing.

Tesla recently opened the Supercharger network to other EVs in the US and Australia. The network added 1,200 stations globally last year, bringing the number of chargers above 42,000.

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