Tesla opens Supercharger network to others EVs in Australia

Tesla has expanded their non-Tesla Supercharger program outside of Europe for the first time, opening select Supercharger stations in Australia to other electric vehicle (EV) owners. This brings the number of countries participating in the pilot program to 16.

According to a post by the official Tesla Charging Twitter account just five stations with a total of 24 stalls are now available to other EV owners. The stations included in the program are all in the New South Wales region of Australia in Bathurst (6 stalls), Dubbo (4 stalls), Hollydene (6 stalls), Narooma (4 stalls), and Tamworth (4 stalls). It appears as though Tesla chose these sites because they do not experience a lot of traffic, based on reports from local owners on social media.

Owners of other EVs will have to pay a premium to use the Supercharger network in Australia. The non-Tesla rate is 79c per kWh on a pay-per-use basis. If you think you will be frequenting the Supercharger network with your non-Tesla EV more often than not then you can reduce that amount to 66c per kWh, but you will have to pay a monthly AUD$9.99 subscription fee (h/t: @TeslaGong)

News of Tesla opening up their Supercharger network in Australia to others EVs comes after Tesla won government funding to build 32 Supercharger stations in the country. As part of the funding requirements, all connectors at these stations have to be available to all EV owners.

With the expansion of the pilot program outside of Europe, Tesla owners are wondering when Superchargers will open to other EVs in North America. Based on an accidental leak last week, it could be happening soon with the addition of a Magic Dock that can be retrofitted to existing Supercharger stations.

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