Tesla officially opens Supercharger network to other EVs in the US

Tesla has officially opened up its Supercharger network in the United States to owners of other electric vehicles (EVs). The Tesla Charging Twitter account announced the milestone moment on Tuesday afternoon with a video giving us a glimpse of the Magic Dock in action for the first time.

Last week we saw Tesla begin installing Magic Docks at Superchargers in New York State and California. The Magic Dock is a device that contains a CCS adapter which is only unlocked when a non-Tesla owner selects the charging stall in the mobile app. The Magic Docks have since been spotted at nearly a dozen stations in New York and California, and now many of them are now available to all EVs.

Just like in Europe non-Tesla owners will have to decide how often they will be using the Supercharger network in order to make it as cheap as possible. Frequent users can purchase a membership for $12.99USD per month that will give them access to the same charging fees as Tesla owners. Opting to forego the membership and instead paying per use will mean higher charging fees, which appear to be about $0.10 per kWh higher than normal rates.

According to the video above it appears as though numerous stations are part of the pilot program, including one in Brewster, New York, but only three stations are appearing in Tesla’s Find-Us map.

  • Malta, NY (8 stalls): Stewart’s Shops – 2951 U.S. 9 Ballston Spa, NY 12020
  • Verona, NY (12 stalls): Turning Stone Resort Casino 5218 Patrick Road Verona, NY 13478
  • Parish, NY (8 stalls): Grist Mill Restaurant 3039 County Route 26 Parish, NY 13131

UPDATE 4:05pm PT: According to the mobile app there are 10 Superchargers for a total of 100 stalls open to non-Teslas, 8 are in New York and 2 are in California.

Tesla could still be updating their website with the full list of locations, but even the non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot Program support page only lists “United States” as where the pilot program is active.

We have been expecting Tesla to open up their Supercharger network to other EVs for several months. Last year The White House revealed Tesla was going to begin production of equipment that would allow non-Tesla EVs to plug in at Superchargers, with an initial target date of Q3 2022. That equipment was the Magic Dock, which we first reported on early last year. There are curently no plans that we are aware of to bring the Magic Dock to Canada.

With Tesla now opening their Supercharger network that have gained access to the $7.5 billion in federal funds set aside by the Biden administration to grow the EV charging network in the US. But perhaps even more importantly they have opened up a brand new, and potentially significant, revenue stream.

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