Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot expands to France and Norway


First launched in the Netherlands last November, Tesla has expanded their Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot program to two more countries, France and Norway.

The additions come after we reported over the weekend that several non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) had been spotted plugged in to various Superchargers around Norway.

According to Tesla, there are 15 Supercharger stations in France and another 20 stations in Norway now open to owners of other EV in each country, adding to the 10 stations in the Netherlands.

In addition, EV owners in Germany and Belgium can also plug in at the pilot Supercharger stations when visiting one of the above countries

In order to use the Superchargers, all they have to do is download the latest Tesla mobile app, add a payment method, and tap ‘Start Charging’ after plugging in.

They won’t pay the same price as Tesla drivers though, with the automaker noting that “pricing for Non-Tesla drivers reflects additional costs incurred to support charging a broad range of vehicles and adjustments to our sites to accommodate these vehicles.

Tesla does offer a charging membership to help lower costs.

After the launch of the pilot program last year, Tesla added a filter to their Supercharger map to easily find the participating stations.

They have since removed the filter, and instead changed the look of the Supercharger pin to reflect that it is part of the pilot program.

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