Tesla’s Supercharger network expanded by over 1,200 stations in 2022

madoc supercharger
Credit: Tesla Owners Ontario

Tesla had a massive year in 2022, but one area it grew that has not received as much attention is its Supercharger network. The company added 1,200 stations during the year or about a third of their entire network to date.

The fourth quarter saw the most growth, with 395 stations opened worldwide. It increased by 78% compared to the same quarter in 2021. Tesla added 3,536 connectors in the quarter, up 59% from 2021, according the company’s Q4 2022 shareholder deck.

In total, Tesla added 1,200 stations and about 11,000 connectors last year. Tesla also expanded its rolls out to non-Tesla EVs with a European pilot. There are 15 European countries where non-Tesla owners can charge their EVs with Superchargers. Non-Tesla EVs in North America will need a Magic Dock to charge via the CCS Combo 1/J1772 Combo standard.

Tesla ended the year with 4,678 charging stations and 42,419 chargers. This meant a growth of 35% from 2021. The number of chargers officially cleared 40,000 in November. The Supercharger network also clocked ten years in September.

Europe and China accounted for more than 10,000 of the new chargers. The former got its 10,000th charger in December. However, the chargers are expected to exceed 50,000 in the third quarter of 2023. That would mean the addition of 10,000 new chargers in less than a year.

Superchargers currently supply a peak power of 250 kW, but there are reports that V3 could increase the limit to 324 kW. Tesla, however, has announced plans for a V4 that could output as high as 1MW or even more.