CCS retrofit kit for Model 3/Y appears in Tesla Parts Catalog

Tesla launched a new CCS1 adapter in South Korea last year, announcing shortly thereafter that it would eventually be coming to North America.

In preparation for that launch, Tesla added new information to the in-car display to know if you had the hardware required for your car to work with the CCS charging standard.

Generally cars built in late 2019 or early 2020 or later had the message “CCS enabled,” while cars built prior to that date had the message “Not Installed.”

That wording of “Not Installed” gave owners hope that Tesla would offer a retrofit kit to upgrade the car’s charge port.

While we still wait for the CCS adapter to appear in the North American Tesla Shop, a retrofit kit has been added to the Tesla Parts Catalog.

The part number (1652004-00-A) is listed for both the Model 3 and Model Y, while there is a second part number (1652005-00-A) listed just for the Model 3.

All listings have the description “Kit, Retrofit, CCS1 Adapter.”

Unfortunately the one piece of information everyone wants to know is missing – the price.

When Tesla released the retrofit in Europe, it was initially offered at €500 ($965 CAD), which included the adapter itself. The price was later dropped to €299 ($416 CAD).

On the South Korean Tesla Shop, the CCS1 adapter by itself is listed for ₩299,200, which works out to $308 CAD or $241 USD.

Based on the latest information received by Drive Tesla, the CCS1 adapter will launch in North America some time in the second quarter (April-June) of this year.

When it does, it will open up a number of new charging station options for Tesla owners, particularly in areas underserved by the Supercharger network in Canada. CCS stations provide charging speeds up to 150kWh, much faster than the 50kW limit with the bulky CHAdeMO adapter.

More tests show Tesla CCS adapter can reach charging speeds above 100kW

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