Autonomy adds the Model Y to its line-up

Autonomy EV Subscription Service

Autonomy, the largest EV vehicle subscription service company in the US, has added the Tesla Model Y Long Range to its line-up.

The company launched in January 2022 with a fleet of Tesla Model 3 Standard and Long Range vehicles.

As per customer demand, the company is now expanding the fleet and adding around 200 Model Y’s per week to the fleet.

Scott Painter, CEO and Founder of Autonomy, had this to say about the Model Y addition:

During the first quarter of the year, Tesla made up 75% of EVs sold, with Model Y and Model 3 making up 68% of the market by themselves, showcasing the demand and popularity for the vehicles. We’re seeing five times the demand we anticipated for our Tesla Model 3 program, and with gas prices soaring, we knew it was time to expand our line-up to include a popular crossover, such as the Model Y.

For the Model Y, the subscription price will be between $690 a month if you pay the $7,900 start fee or $1,350 a month with a $1,000 start fee and no vehicle upgrade.

Autonomy also requires a $500 security deposit and a fully refundable $100 reservation fee.

Currently, the company has a fleet of around 1,000 vehicles.

However, Autonomy’s CEO noted that he plans to buy over 23,000 EVs from start-ups and legacy automakers to have 38 different EVs available on the platform.

As per his conversation with Electrek, we will have to wait until next month to see the complete list!

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