Tesla Superchargers in Valemount and Kindersley under construction [B.C. & Saskatchewan]

Tesla has started construction on two new Superchargers in Valemount, BC, and Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

Valemount Supercharger

The Valemount Supercharger was first added to Tesla’s list of upcoming Superchargers back in April, and this week construction the station began. According to photos shared by MacNeil on the TMC forum, the Valemount Supercharger will be located at 1503 Swift Creek Rd, at the junction of Swift Creek Road and 5th Ave in front of the Esso and Tim Hortons.

Groundwork has just begun and some of the underground conduit has started being installed that will support 8 V3 Supercharger stalls. According to Tesla’s map this Supercharger should be open before the end of the year.

The Valemount Supercharger is one of three set to open in region. Another station in Clearwater, about 2 hours south, is also under construction, while another in McBride is set to open early next year.

Kindersley Supercharger

Unlike Valemount, Kindersley is a bit of a surprise as it is not currently listed on Tesla’s map as a future Supercharger site. However according to Eugene Hritzuk, a member of the Saskatchewan Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA), a six-stall Supercharger is under construction in the city.

According to Hritzuk the Superchargers are being built at 701 11 Ave E, between the Coop and next to the wall of the Pet Valu. Along with the six Supercharger, two “generic stalls” are also being added, which we presume will be FLO DC fast chargers.

The addition of a Supercharger and FLO DC fast chargers in Kindersley will be a welcomed by both Saskatchewan and Alberta EV drivers as it plugs a big charging gap along the route between Saskatoon and Calgary.

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