A look at Electric Mobility Canada’s 2030 Evaction Plan

With automakers, consumer groups and environmental groups pushing the Federal and various provincial governments to do more to electrify Canada, Electric Mobility Canada has put pen to paper and developed its 2030 Evaction Plan.

The document is a road map of how Canada can continue and meet its 2030 goals for zero-emissions vehicles.

Electric Mobility Canada laid out 32 proposals to help the various levels of governments to meet its goals.  Here are a few of them that caught our eye.

  • Offer Incentives for used EVs.
    • About 60% of car purchases in Canada occur in the second-hand market. Make EV incentives available to used car buyers to increase EV adoption.
  • Provide a top-up for low-and-modest income household purchase incentives
    • Canada should establish an additional income-tested incentive for new or used EVs, and offer support for the installation of home charging infrastructure.
  • Offer low-interest loans to first time EV buyers.
    • The Canada Infrastructure Bank, or other government agency, should step in to fill this gap and provide low-interest EV loans to consumers who need it most.
  • Take a North American approach to EV manufacturing and supply chains
    • Collaborate with the U.S. to build a North American EV industry and supply chain.
  • Establish a Zero Emission Zone in the City of Ottawa.
    • The Government of Canada should work with the National Capital Commission and the City of Ottawa to establish a Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) in downtown Ottawa. ZEZs are areas in which polluting vehicles are required to pay a fee to enter…

Electric Mobility Canada has long been a vocal advocacy group. However, the group does not count any legacy automakers in its membership.

Tesla and the Canadian Auto Dealers Association are both listed as members as per their site.

You can check out the full plan here.

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