Uber and Hertz Tesla partnership expands to Canada

Uber announced plans last year to add 50,000 Tesla vehicles to its ride-hailing program as part of Hertz’s deal to buy up to 100,000 of the electric vehicles (EVs). Since then over 15,000 Uber drivers have in the United States have rented a Tesla, helping one driver to double their tips after making the switch.

Now Canadian Uber drivers can also switch to a Tesla. Starting today Uber drivers in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto can now sign up to rent a Tesla on a weekly basis from Hertz.

According to Uber, the first Canadian Tesla vehicles will be available this summer.

“Hertz is leading the way in electrification, shared mobility and a digital-first customer experience by offering the largest electric vehicle rental fleet in North America,” said Jeff Nieman, Hertz Senior Vice President, Operations Initiatives. “Canada is the next frontier for our exclusive partnership with Uber, reaffirming our commitment to being an environmentally-forward company.”

To be eligible a driver needs at least a 4.85 star rating and must have completed at least 150 trips on Uber.

Uber is expecting a popular response to the program in Canada. In a recent survey the company found that 71% of their drivers north of the border were interested in switching to an EV. With Uber drivers putting more miles on their cars than the average person, they can realize emission reductions 3 to 4 times greater than the average car owner.

“Driver access to electric vehicles is an important part of Uber’s electrification goals,” said Michael van Hemmen, General Manager of Uber Canada Mobility. “Even with high gas prices, switching to an EV is a big decision. This partnership gives drivers an opportunity to try an electric vehicle as their primary rideshare vehicle and understand the benefits and cost savings of going electric.”

Along with the emission savings, there will also be the obvious financial savings from not having to pay the current high gas prices. Drivers can also earn more with Uber’s Zero Emissions incentive which allows them to earn an extra $1 on ever fully electric trip provided.

The announcement by Uber comes one month after we first spotted Hertz Tesla rentals being available in Canada.

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