First official look at the Tesla Model Y third row seats [Update]

Tesla surprised everybody earlier today when they added the Standard Range Model Y to the Design Studio after CEO Elon Musk said it wouldn’t be offered. Along with the new variant, Tesla also enabled the option to select the 7-seat interior.

Ever since it was announced, questions have been asked about how much space the third row seating will actually provide. Early pictures showed very little leg room, leading some to speculate the third row could even be rear facing.

With deliveries of the first 7-seat Model Y’s just 2-5 weeks, we now get our first official look at the third row seats.

UPDATE: Tesla has released the first official image showing the third row.


The photos were revealed on the Tesla Daily podcast hosted by Rob Maurer. According to the video description they are “unreleased photos” and with the exception of one appear to be from an upcoming support video to be released by Tesla.

In the second photo below we see how the second row seat pushes forward to allow for easy entry into the third row. We also see the third row has adjustable headrests (click the images to enlarge).
Tesla Model Y 7 seat Tesla Model Y 7 seat Tesla Model Y 7 seatTesla Model Y 7 seat 5

We also get to see the third row folding flat, matching what we saw last month Tesla updated the in-car visualization to include the new seats.

The Design Studio also notes the second row seats are sliding. With the ample legroom in the current 5-seat Model Y, this should hopefully be able to provide a little extra leg room for third row passengers.

You can check out the full video where Maurer discusses the photos below.

h/t: The Tesladorian

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