Tesla Model Y renders gives us the best look at what the interior may look like, including the third row

With about one month to go until we see the first deliveries of the Tesla Model Y SUV, one thing that has remained a bit of a mystery is the interior, in particular the rear seats and mythical third row.

We have seen glimpses of the third row seats before, but these 3D renders from TurboSquid give us the best look at what the interior may look like, including some other features that we have yet to see photos of.

First up is the trunk, and the hatchback style that is one big difference between the Model Y and its sibling Model 3. The renders show how much more accessible the rear cargo space will be with the trunk fully open.

Tesla Model Y Turbosquid

Not only that, but it also shows us how much cargo space there may be with the rear seats folded flat. If you thought the Model 3 could hold a surprising amount of cargo, the Model Y should be a real treat.

Tesla Model Y Turbosquid

We also get a peek at what the front trunk (frunk) may look like, obviously very similar to the Model 3.

Tesla Model Y Turbosquid

And then of course we have the infamous third row seats. The third row seats won’t be available for production vehicles until 2021, according to Tesla’s online design studio, but that’s not going to slow down the rumours about how Tesla is going to be able to have a workable third row given the overall dimensions and sloping roof of the electric crossover SUV.

Tesla Model Y Turbosquid

Check out all the renders below, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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