Tesla Model Y avatar now shows forward facing third row seats

Tesla has been pretty quiet regarding the optional 7-seat configuration for the Model Y. In June, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said it would likely ship in early Q4 2020.

Musk followed up on that timeline a few months later in October, saying production would begin in November, and the first deliveries would happen in early December.

We are now already in the second half of December, and customers with reservations for the 7-seat Model Y have yet to receive any updates on impending deliveries.

In a sign that they could begin any day now, Tesla has updated the in-car visuals to display the elusive third row seats. First spotted by Brian (@i1Tesla) and confirmed by Drive Tesla reader @kkvr2823, you can clearly see the separation between the two pieces of the third row seat backs that are folded flat. It also matches exactly what Tesla shows in a video on the Model Y section of their website (video below).

Based on what we can tell, the new visuals likely appeared in the 2020.48.XX series of software updates.

Model Y third row

There was some early speculation the third row seats may be rear facing after automotive industry expert Sandy Munro proposed the idea during his Model Y teardown. These new visuals, along with video on Tesla’s website, confirm once again the third row will be forward facing.

Sandy Munro 3rd row Tesla Model Y
Image via Sandy Munro/YouTube

Have any 7-seat Model Y reservation holders received a delivery update recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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