Tesla locations in Ontario have begun scheduling Model Y deliveries, set to begin June 27

With the first delivery of a Tesla Model Y in Canada earlier this week in Vancouver, British Columbia, the first set of delivery dates in Ontario have started being scheduled for next week.

One Model Y reservation holder, Simon Wong, shared this image with Drive Tesla Canada , showing his delivery appointment scheduled for June 27 at the Toronto-Oakville location on Wyecroft Road.

Tesla Model Y delivery date Oakville

Wong is set to receive a Long Range Model Y with 20″ Induction wheels. This is the same Model Y we told you about yesterday as one of the first to receive his Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement (MPVA) from the Oakville location.

We have also received a report from another Model Y reservation holder in Toronto with the same configuration that their delivery has been scheduled for the same day, June 27, but this time at the Lawrence Ave location.

Both report their VINs begin with 15XXX.

It is possible a Performance configuration could be delivered in Ontario sooner than June 27, as Tesla so far has given preference to the more expensive version in the US, but these are the first confirmed reports we’ve received.

Be sure to check your Tesla account, as both reported logging in to find their delivery appointment already scheduled.

British Columbia Delivery Updates

It appears Tesla has also been sending out updates to Model Y reservation holders in British Columbia today. Some reservation holders have reported their deliveries are scheduled for early this week in Vancouver, which makes sense since we have seen several at Vancouver locations already Tesla Model Y now available for viewing in Vancouver [Update].

Update: Here is a Model Y reservation holder in Vancouver, which his delivery scheduled for June 18.

Several Drive Tesla Canada readers have also reported being sent text messages today, June 14, informing them their delivery should happen in 1-2 weeks, if not sooner.

Tesla Update – We currently expect your Model Y to be ready for delivery 1 – 2 weeks from today. Once your Model Y starts moving to your delivery center, we will reach out to schedule your delivery appointment. Please note that your delivery may be earlier than this estimation if a vehicle with your configuration becomes available. 

Others have reported receiving a similar message that their Model Y configuration is being built this week at the Tesla factory in Fremont.

Let us know in the comments below if you have a delivery scheduled for your Model Y in Canada.

Featured image via Glen Mah

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